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To realize Pfizer's goal of realizing Breakthroughs that change patients' lives, we define "what" we need to deliver for patients and "how" we will make that goal a reality.


To realize Pfizer's goal of realizing Breakthroughs that change patients' lives, we define "what" we need to deliver for patients and "how" we will make that goal a reality. This effort is reflected in our four corporate values:

The breakthroughs begin with the courage to go against the flow - especially in the face of uncertainty or challenges. Therefore, every Pfizer employee is expected to have the courage to think and develop big ideas, and to dare to make decisions.

We can only change the lives of patients when we collaborate to perform the best. We need to be able to focus on what's most important, define clear responsibilities, and evaluate performance.

We believe that everyone deserves to be heard and noticed. At Pfizer, we build an inclusive environment, act with integrity, and strive to reduce healthcare disparities.

Every Pfizer employee is dedicated to serving patients and society at large. We take pride in what we do, value everyone’s contribution, and always have fun doing the job.

​​​​​​​Ensuring Corporate Responsibility

In the real world, how do we ensure that our values remain a high priority and integrated across the business through prosperous times and tough times?

It is our fundamental belief that values help advance our mission to improve health for people around the world and create value for our diverse stakeholders. We focus not simply on what we do but also on how we do it. This means we continually review and update management policies and procedures to reflect the changing forces in science, technology and stakeholder expectations. We listen and learn. For example, in 2006-2007 we reviewed and revised our clinical trial policies and advertising practices and translated our Pfizer Code of Conduct into 36 languages.


At the core of our commitment to corporate responsibility are our stakeholders — the people who affect and are affected by our business actions. These include patients, physicians, regulators, customers, colleagues, investors, business partners and communities where we work and live.

We share one overarching goal with them — good health for all people at a manageable cost. To help achieve this responsibly, below are the concrete policies and procedures covering the major facets of our business to which all employees around the world must adhere.

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