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A personal approach makes all the difference, and Sharing With A Touch (SWAT) brings volunteers up close and personal with the individuals who benefit from the programme. Launched in 2009, SWAT develops sustainable programmes to support and empower disadvantaged groups or communities in need. Volunteers from various departments contribute their time, knowledge and expertise via initiatives like skill-transfer programmes. This hands-on approach allows a more personal connection and greater personal fulfilment. As part of the company’s commitment to the programme, expenses are borne by Pfizer Malaysia and utilised to purchase the necessary equipment to carry out projects such as baking lessons, photography, information technology, and jewellery-making. These efforts have helped to provide sustainable income for the various groups which have participated in SWAT programmes, such as the visually impaired, orphans, retirees and many more. Thus far, SWAT has carried out 25 projects with the help of over 170 Pfizerians, working with NGOs such as United Voice, MERCY Malaysia and Habitat for Humanity.