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Pfizer Care-A-Van

Launched to commemorate Pfizer’s 35th year in Malaysia, Pfizer’s Care-A-Van is one of Malaysia’s longest-running community health initiatives. The Care-A-Van is a mobile health resource which has been offering free screenings and healthcare to underprivileged communities since 1998. Endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, this initiative enlists support from Pfizer employees as well as physicians from government bodies and medical associations to provide health screenings and educational talks to empower Malaysians to take charge of their health. Focussing its efforts on the urban poor as well as remote populations with limited access to healthcare, volunteers often brave the elements to reach communities in places like Paitan, Sabah and Sungai Tiang, Hulu Perak. Through their efforts, Care-A-Van fills unmet medical needs for thousands of Malaysians every year. To-date, the Care-A-Van team of volunteers has helped to screen over 167,000 people in more than 800 locations across Malaysia .