• Respect for People
    Our success has always been dependent on one very important cornerstone - people in general, be it our customers, our stakeholders or our employees. We value our diversity as a source of strength and proud of Pfizer's history of treating people with respect and dignity.
  • Integrity
    We demand of ourselves and of others the highest ethical standards ensuring that our products and processes will be of the highest quality. 
  • Leadership
    We believed that leaders empower those around them by sharing their knowledge and by rewarding outstanding individual effort. Thus, we have dedicated ourselves to providing opportunities for leadership levels in our organization for those with these qualities to shine through and to move the organization towards more achievements.
Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are caused by micro-organisms, which invade the human body and multiply, producing harmful toxins and enzymes. Not all micro-organisms cause sickness; some are actually good for you. The harmful ones are known as pathogens. They include fungi, some types of bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Micro-organisms are capable of producing substances that may increase the severity of a disease, develop resistance to the body's defence mechanisms, and break down body tissues, allowing infection to spread faster.

Our R&D team is always at the forefront of developing new medicines for infectious diseases given the extraordinary ability of certain bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics, which are otherwise useful in speeding recovery from some illnesses.

Our medicines provide treatment to infections in your blood and body including skin, skin structure, soft tissue, intra-abdominal, gynaecological, respiratory tract, diabetic foot, and fungal infections.  And for children, we have medicines to treat pneumonia, ear and throat infections.