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Male Support for Breast Cancer Screening

What can men do about breast cancer? Lots! Once seen as purely a woman’s issue, breast cancer is also a man’s concern and

Pfizer makes it a point to have its medical practitioners and social workers rope the men in to encourage their women to go for periodic screening.  Despite the many breast awareness programs in Malaysia, the uptake of screening among women stayed low.

Pfizer Malaysia together with the Pfizer Foundation introduced the MenCare project “Advocating for Male Support of Breast Cancer Screening for Women (2008-2010)”, a 3-year advocacy-based effort with The National Council of Women’s Organization (NCWO). 

MenCare aims to influence existing policies in order to make it easier for men to support women’s need for breast cancer screening and treatment, as men’s support in this area is vital.

A book of testimonials from MenCare participants, comprising of both breast cancer survivors and their husbands, titled “His Story, Her Story” was launched in 2008 by the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development and has been translated into several vernacular languages to complement the Ministry’s Mammogram Subsidy Program. The book is given out for free by Pfizer and NCWO for educational purposes.